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October 23rd, 2013, 05:04 PM
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I just met with my first home birth midwife, and she confirmed that I would be an excellent candidate based on what I told her. Unfortunately, she is not covered by state insurance, which is what I have, so we would have to pay the full fee. It isn't totally un-doable, but it would be a bit of a stretch. DF knows this is important to me and is willing to do it.

First question... has anyone had any luck telling family/friends to donate to a "home birth fund" instead of buying lots of baby stuff? I'm considering doing this.. it's DF's first baby so I'm sure his family will want to give us lots of things, but we have no need/room for things, but we could really use less financial strain if we are paying for a home birth.

Second question... in discussing this meeting with my mom, she mentioned that when I had my first son, the cord was wrapped around his neck twice. I had no idea that happened, no one ever told me before, so I didn't mention this to her because I wasn't aware of it. Is that something that would make me a less ideal candidate for a home birth? My second son didn't have any issues like that, so I'm thinking it's probably just one of those things that if thrown at her, she could deal with it effectively. Obviously the hospital Dr. dealt with it fine, because my son is 7 years old with no issues.

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