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October 23rd, 2013, 06:36 PM
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Well mine is almost 14 months, she is getting to throwing tantrums. I am really surprised at just how clever they are and how fast they learn. I picked up a parenting book to try to understand what is the best way to go about disciplining your child.

I've heard. 'One minute in time at per year'.. so a 1 year old in time-out would be 1 minute.. a 2 year old.. 2 minutes.. and so on. Since kids have really short attention spans.

I think Geogeek has a good idea of what to do, with toddlers their minds are racing and they have all these emotions but not the means to express themselves.. so the frustration boils over and thus you have a tantrum. Your not meant to give in or loose your cool, talking through always helps. You want to calm your child down not escalate things, so they generally try to see what your temperament is vs their own. This probably explains it better..

How to Handle Your Child's Temper Tantrum: 14 Steps

I try my best to be calm and try to figure out what is wrong, we haven't tried disciplining or anything yet because I feel she is too young to understand the concept. So we will probably play it by ear and around 18 months start trying time-out. It's really difficult sometimes, especially when they are fussy for a really long time! Usually she gets most frustrated when fighting sleep.

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