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October 23rd, 2013, 10:29 PM
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I'm not certain how to give any good advice on the matter. I've only had 1 c-section and it was a positive experience. Finding out I had to have one and having half an hour to prepare myself for it was h*** because I was planning a vaginal delivery but she was breech. But everyone was amazing through it all and kept me very comfortable. I was even laughing as I was listening to them joke around with each other. If it wasn't for the fact that I knew how well I could trust them, because my favorite dr was doing the surgery, that would've freaked me out that they were joking around with each other. LOL. But I had so much trust and I knew how great he was, so it only made me feel better.

I really only am mentioning this because I know from personal experience that positive ones can happen and that's honestly all I have to offer you. I'm sorry the first one didn't go well for you and I truly hope that this one is so different!
I like my OB over all. He's obviously very skilled. His personality well.. I don't know him and the only side he shows is very professional, but he's nice enough. It is kind of funny watching him interact with DD in the exam room while I ask my questions. He did seem genuinely concerned with my obvious fear over being on the operating table. I remember this for some reason, when he lifted DD up for me to see her, I was still having a panic attack and that must have worried him because for a second there, his eyes changed from smiling to genuine concern, then he handed DD off to a nurse and disappeared behind the drape all in the course of about 5 seconds. It's not just disappointment I dealt with. That would have been much easier to bounce back from. My biggest issue right now is my fear facing another surgery. It's almost like a phobia.
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