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October 24th, 2013, 06:34 AM
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Sorry I haven't been posting recently but I have been stalking and reading all of your posts!
Things haven't been going right in our life it seems like. Every time we turn around something else goes wrong.
However I got a positive opk this morning
Last month I felt like we weren't having sex when we needed I was so happy to get a positive opk this morning since we bd'd last night, 2 nights before that and will again tonight
So this month can't be because of not timing right...which is a good thing until it turns bad (if we don't get pregnant)
But because of our loss we've decided to to tell our families and friends until a couple months later and if we got preggo this month we could tell them all on Christmas day which has always been my dream...sending them an ultrasound or something with "grandma/grandpa" on it ....haha. So that will be cool

Here's to hoping!
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