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October 24th, 2013, 08:28 AM
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I think Audraleah is a very pretty name! I sort of made up my DD name also. I named her Brynlea (Brinley). I saw the name Brynn & liked it but wanted it to sound more feminine, so I added my mother's middle name Lea (Lee) to the end and LOVED it. Her father did not, however. And said so over and over. But i didn't care because I knew that was "THE name" for her....of course a year or two later, I found out that I didn't in fact make it up myself because there are several other little girls in our town with this name now, just spelled differently. Any who, I digress! (Lol). I agree with the lady above that says to pick what YOU love because you won't feel satisfied otherwise. Maybe you could do what we did, I got to name and call her Brynlea and I let her dad pick her middle name (Gabrielle). Good luck!!
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