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October 24th, 2013, 08:44 AM
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Thanks for creating this new tread Hoping for baby. I just found out today my 1st IVF failed. I had I feeling it would (i know that sounds negative) since my progesterone was high before our ER, but wanted to transfer anyways. We look at IVF as a game of chances and if we were to freeze them all the five we had not all would survive anyways. I hope it sounds like I'm being more realistic than negative. Anyways, we did a 2 day transfer with 2/2 cell embryos. I give myself one day to cry and then I pick myself up and look forward to the future!

In talking with my dr today, after my cycle starts I will go in for a baseline u/s and if my ovaries look good, we can hopefully do FET early December. Fingers crossed! Baby dust to everyone!!
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