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October 24th, 2013, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by girlsofsummer View Post
Blaundee please don't take offense but #1 and #3 in your post are not factually correct. #1 It is recommended that women who are pregnant DO get the flu vaccine because getting the flu when you are pregnant is dangerous for both you and baby. It can lead to a host of other illnesses and problem. It's the same argument with taking antibiotics while you are pregnant and have an infection. Women do routinely get vaccines during pregnancy for a variety of reasons. Vaccines that are safe to take during pregnancy do NOT CAUSE abortions!!

#3 "Healthy" people get the flu all the time. "Healthy" is a misnomer and highly subjective.

No offense taken, but YES, reason #1 is indeed CORRECT. I raise many types of LIVESTOCK and know this to be 100% true in livestock, as I stated. Also, #3 is ALSO TRUE. I did not say healthy adults don't GET the flu, I said they usually have nothing to FEAR, as in dying from it, like elderly & ill adults do. (I cannot put a smiley face on here, or I would- I am not trying to come across as cranky lol) As for a doctor saying vaccines are fine... each woman is free to choose to believe doctors if they want to. I've known way too many doctors who won't use vaccines on themselves or their families, but will on patients, and will tell them it's all just fine. I've also known some of those same doctors to tell patients that they have had the vaccine, because they were ordered by the clinic to say such! (I'm a former CNA and have NO faith in most medical professionals!)

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