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October 24th, 2013, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by lil_fishy View Post
This one?****-kids/
Lol, jm keeps censoring the swearword in the title.... change asterisks to the D word.

I wish she had given more info on chicken pox vaccine. My DD's pediatrician won't really talk to me about it.... just gives me the pamphlet, which doesn't sway me. I hate having to use Dr Google, but that's what I'm left with.....
Yeah, I agree, I'm personally iffy on things like the chicken pox vaccine and the flu vaccine, because those diseases just don't seem like such a big deal to me. Diseases aren't scary if I myself had them and lived. But, at the same time, with so many parents getting their kids vacc'ed for chicken pox these days, the odds of your kid contracting the actual disease naturally are pretty low. And you definitely DO want them to either have the disease or the vacc some time before they're an adult. So in the end we decided to go with the vacc.

Anyway, if you guys can get the link to work (like lil_fishy said, replace the asterisks with the d-word ), I think that the info she gives on MMR and dtap is spot on.

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