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October 24th, 2013, 04:03 PM
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It sucks hearing that your children aren't the perfect angels that you hope they are when they aren't in your presence. Not that I thought she was, not even for a second. Her dad and I have joint custody so she's not with me all the time and I know she acts differently with me than she does with him and vise versa. She's almost too smart for her own good and at 6, that's never good. Apparently she doesn't do her work that she's assigned in class. When asked 'WHY?" Her answer is either "I don't know," or "I didn't want to." SERIOUSLY????? She sent me home with a stack of assignments that need to be completed this weekend. Her teacher asked us if we had her tested for GT. That answer is NO. She's in first grade and they can only be tested twice. If she's not doing the easy work, because she "doesn't want to," why should we believe that she'd do the harder work just because it's more of a challenge. Maybe she would, I don't know, I've never dealt with this before. On Monday, they had a pre-test on their spelling test. Remember, she's in first grade, the words are SUPER easy. IT, OF, THE, things like that. Apparently she missed EVERY SINGLE WORD, but she reads chapter books, like 200 page CHAPTER BOOKS. Her teacher brought her up to her desk and asked her to spell the words verbally and she spelt them the same way giggling about it. As if saying, "I'm smart, and I know I'm smart, I don't need to spell this to prove it to you." From what I understand, if they pass the pre-test, they get harder words and her dad thinks she just doesn't want the harder words, well in my opinion, that's a problem! Her REAL spelling test is tomorrow morning, so we'll see what happens there. I asked her teacher, on a percentage, how much of her work is she not completing. 40%!!! That's a lot. She said that the work she does do, she does well and that she is the top reader in the class. Should we have her tested? Last year, we didn't have a problem with her not doing the work, we had a problem with her talking too much. The work was fine. This year, apparently she doesn't really talk all that much, if she does, her teacher didn't mention it. I really REALLY like her teacher this year. She is definitely willing to work with her and find out what works. My fear is, that as soon as we find out what that is, it'll be time to move to the next grade, and a new teacher. Sheesh!!! Thanks for listening though, it's been one of those days!

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