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October 25th, 2013, 12:05 AM
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Lol. I laugh because of how much I understand. I've had several phone calls with my son's teacher this year and we still have a few weeks until parent teacher conference. My son is very smart and has always been the top of his class, but he struggles with staying focused to get his work done. This year I learned of sensory processing disorder and he is receiving help from an occupational therapist which we're hoping is going to help him start focusing. My little brother was the same way and in the gifted program in school, but has always had a hard time focusing as well.

My own take on what you said is going on is it sounds like your daughter is looking for attention for it and it sounds like it's working. I don't know if you've ever heard of love and logic parenting, but I strongly recommend it. It works for me, so my son doesn't get away with me wasting my energy on him not doing his schoolwork, but rather his energy is spent on his problem. And if you're interested in learning more about sensory processing disorder, or seeing if it would be helpful to your daughter, I would call the child development center in your area and ask them who does testing for the disorder in your area. Of course you could just read up on it online first and see if sounds valuable to you or not.

Just my thoughts! Hope your relationship with her teacher stays good, it always seem I like my son's teacher's to start with, but my opinions change as the year goes on depending on how they continue working with me to help educate my son. Good Luck!

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