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October 25th, 2013, 01:29 AM
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If I were her teacher (and I have taught elementary) I would be playing close attention to what she is doing INSTEAD of working. I would be noticing a pattern

It might not have anything to do with the work being too easy or too hard-- there are sooooo many possibilities and it sounds like the teacher is differentiating appropriately (a child who found the spelling list too easy would want to pass the pretest to get the harder words).

Is there a pattern? Does she not do work when another kid is around to talk to her instead? Does she not do work right after lunch? Does she not do work while an aide is in the room? Does she refuse to do one particular subject?

Sometimes parents want to jump straight to "Oh she must be too smart" and teachers want to jump straight to "learning disability." But when a kid who is otherwise acting well in school just says "I don't want to" there is ALWAYS something else going on. Asking her directly isn't going to get there because she might not understand herself why she is doing it.

Ask the teacher for the missing assignments and try to work through them with your daughter one-on-one. If she zooms through just fine, I would start looking for other things. Like, can she see the directions on the board? Can she hear the directions? What would happen if her seat were moved?
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