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October 25th, 2013, 06:54 AM
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wow, i kinda feel like everyone is attacking me here about the food thing. i kinda brushed off that first comment that questioned the 2x a day thing, thinking it was a fluke, but maybe i need to clarify because im giving the wrong impression.

i am certainly breastfeeding my child. i said that in the original post. he used to have more marathon sessions, but now he is down to two or three long sessions during a day.

that said, hes always eating. apparently i really need to say that because we're witch-hunting on just mommies today. ::face palm::

ok, i have no idea how many times i actually offer him my breast in a day, but that number is much higher than three. he takes a bit before and after every solid food meal he eats, he nurses for a few minutes before naps, and he comfort nurses once in a while.

thing is, i dont, nor have i ever pumped, so i dont know exactly how much he gets in those super short sessions he has during the day, and i cant imagine it's much. so, i said he breast feeds 2-3 times a day. and i stand by that! because other than those three major feedings, morning, noon, and night, he doesnt take much, and prefers to eat food.

and if you're still keeping score, by food, i mean, rice cereals, pasta, yogurt, cheese, fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, etc etc.

look, if during a day, you ate a distinct breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but had a bunch of tiny snacks in between, before and after, how many *meals* would you say you had in a day? because i would say three. therefore, he breast feeds three times a day. and if he has something heavier at lunch time, guess what, he falls asleep after a few minutes of feeding, so that makes two times a day.

ugh, i am so disappointed. im sorry i am being so defensive, but i feel like im being accused of abusing my child, and that is not fair. no, im not starving my son, and i am offended that several people have kinda jumped to that conclusion when ive only given minimal information.

the whole point of my post was frustration because i was on the mini pill and because i am breast feeding my child. i stopped the pill thinking it would kick start my cycles, but it didnt. i am unwilling to stop breast feeding. so, no witch, no periods, and no new pregnancy.

thank you to those who read this post and didnt think they needed to phone child protective services.
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