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October 25th, 2013, 07:39 AM
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I think people can get very emotional about breastfeeding and perhaps their good intentions came off a little too harsh, I know I am guilty of doing this too sometimes so I will apologize on behalf of all the ladies above for offending you I am sure that was not their intention.

Back to your original question re the mini pill...

You said that the mini pill does not stop ovulation, only periods. Now, I have only ever been on the normal combination pill so I could be wrong here but my logic tells me that it is not possible. For something to stop your periods, it would need to stop ovulation. By my logic, if you still ovulated then you could fertilize and have a whole ton of eggs chilling in your womb until such time that you come off your pill. Like I said, I could be wrong though lol but I am pretty sure it inhibits ovulation.

I think that your best bet would be to pick up a thermometer and start charting. Because you are still breastfeeding (and that WILL mess with your cycles unfortunately), there really is no other way to regulate yourself short of stopping breastfeeding. I would suggest watching your CM, using OPK's when you see some fertile mucus and then chart your temp constantly. This way you will be able to hopefully predict ovulation before it happens, and your temps will be able to show you if you have ovulated or not. The only other solution I can think of is sexing it up every 2-3 days and then take your hpt's weekly It could take you months before you ovulate, so it could get pretty exhausting... but atleast you will be covered? hehe! If you are interested in charting, there is a Fertility charting board where you're more than welcome to ask any questions and the ladies will help you to get started, or feel free to message me with any questions

I hope your wait is a relatively quick one! As someone with looooooooooong cycles (last cycle was 80+ days!) I really feel your pain!
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