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October 25th, 2013, 07:49 AM
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Kendal- GT is Gifted and Talented. And the blended family thing is tough. You're right. Her dad and I split up before she was 2 so she's never really known any different. She was 2 when Blake and I got together and 4 when her dad and step mom got together. She doesn't remember a time when they weren't around. All she knows is that she has 4 parents who are very involved in her life and love her very much. Sometimes she uses that to her advantage. A little too often

Marti- I PM'd you back

NCRG- Last year when we started having these problems we initially thought, ADD. We've had her in counseling for almost a year and she has had lots of assessments done and thus far, they have found no markers. However, yesterday, her teacher mentioned a few times, having to re-direct her more often than she'd like. We will definitely continue with the counseling and maybe something will turn up.

Cherry- It seems like you have described my daughter to a T. She is VERY independent. Always has been. What you said makes sense and I'm picking her up early today so we'll talk then.

Chels- That's also a great idea. It's not really that I'm worried about "wasting" the chance at school. I'm more worried that since she's not doing the easy stuff, what makes me think she'd do the hard stuff? I'm going to start looking today for resources online.

Thanks Jan and Bree!

Mindy- I will definitely look into the things that you mentioned. Last year, I wasn't a fan of her teacher at all so this year is a HUGE improvement. Last year, it seemed that her teacher wanted to automatically label her a "problematic" instead of working to find a solution. This year it's totally different and I appreciate that.

Julie- I will ask about a pattern because that absolutely makes sense. From what I gathered, it was more that she gets distracted easily as opposed to not doing the work at specific times. I have all the missing assignments and we will be working on them this weekend, together. Last year, we thought her vision was the problem, but she's had glasses since November of last year. We've already adjusted her prescription this school year due to her not being able to see the board but that was the first week of class. As far as her hearing, she had 3 set of tubes before she was 2. She's also had her adnoids removed. We have her hearing checked regularly on our own because of the possibility of scar tissue in relation to hearing loss so we are fairly confident that her hearing isn't an issue at this point. I asked if she sat in a group with anyone that was a "distraction" to her and she said no, that she had already moved her once. This is the reason that I like her teacher, she seems to be super proactive with fixing the problem from her end, I just wish I knew how to fix it at my end.

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