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October 25th, 2013, 08:12 AM
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Has anyone noticed all the ebay items from vendors in China? Is there a way to preclude those items from showing up in searches?

Last week I saw cute hats for Ellianna and ordered 2. Free ashipping and a good price so I did not pay that much attention (should have - my fault). Purchased them to find out they ship in 1 day but will not arrive until mid Nov or early December. UGGHH. Looked closer to find out they are coming from China. I just saw a store name and didn't look into location until it shipped. In addition, I am weary about products from China. What if the yarn in the hats has chemicals? I paid via paypal. Not worried about the $10 - just hope there is no credit theft. Perhaps I over worry. I know people say there is too much litigation in the US and there is. However, as an attorney I really believe that worries over lawsuits lead to safer products. At least when I purchase items from US based compaies that are made in China - I feel that the US company may worry about lawsuits and that there may be extra control. Again it is only a knit hat - but I think I need to wash it 5 times before I let her wear it as she will find some way to get it into her mouth. I was looking for winter coats - and the entire first page seemed to be from China. Seems like the companies are taking over ebay.

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