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October 25th, 2013, 08:17 AM
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OH, Angie! It sounds like it could be a couple of things, already mentioned. I second the idea of looking online for an example GT test and trying it on her to see how she fares. Also, it wouldn't hurt looking into the ADHD or even sensory perception issues, as this could also be reason for her distractions. The good thing is she's still young and discovering this NOW will help her so much in the long run. It's amazing that she loves to read so well, but perhaps she does so in her own peace and quiet, where extra distractions are minimized?

I've no doubt your little smarty girl will excel it's just getting on top of it all, which is not easy, to really boost those chances early on.

I also agree with the love & logic idea, but between 2 households, it may be difficult for her, unless your ex and his wife are also on board with it. It can be quite effective!
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