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October 25th, 2013, 09:04 AM
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thank you. maybe i over reacted, but it's not easy to feel like your skills as a mother are coming into question by total strangers.

but anyway... about the mini pill again... i agree with you, and you're using good logic-- if you're ovulating you should get periods. but, the mini pill doesn't stop ovulation, it works by thickening cm and uterine lining. and that's why lots of women accidentally get pregnant while taking the mini-pill. it is an effective means of birth control, but if there is any user error, you are fertile, the end.'s not supposed to stop periods.

i saw my obgyn in may for my yearly, and i told him that i hadn't gotten a pp period yet, and he told me that it's the combo of breast feeding AND taking the pills that's keeping the witch at bay. he told me that as long as i'm doing both, i'm unlikely to get a period. ...he told me to enjoy it. but, i dunno! it seems odd to complain, but even if we weren't thinking about trying for number 2, i'd rather know what's going on with my body than be spared the "inconvenience" of menstruation.

so, i was hoping that removing the one variable i'm willing to remove-- the mini pill-- would get my cycle started again. but it seems i've been unlucky there so far, hense the frustration. i suppose there's a chance it still might, though. breast feeding may continue to prevent ovulation for me, but it sounds like a lot of women who come off the mini pill just have really REALLY long cycles for a while. and that sucks, but i guess you hear me on that one! 80 days, eesh.

as for ttc, dh and i are just dtd as often as we can, which, because of my little one, is about every other day. i know there's always temping and opk's, but i think, for now, we'll just stick to what we're doing-- i'm testing for pregnancy once a week, and that's enough poas for me right now! who knows, maybe we'll get lucky sooner rather than later.

good luck to you too, and thank you again.
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