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October 25th, 2013, 09:26 AM
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I'm from the uk and we use syntocinon which is similar to pitocin, it helps te uterus to contract. We only give synto after after an augmented labour so the uterus continues to contract this facilitating 3rd third stage of labour (placental delivery). If a labour is induced we are making contractions happen. If synto is turned off during induction or the third stage of labour the uterus may stop contracting which will hault labour or result in a retained placenta during the third stage. This would then require a manual removal of the placenta. This is what it says on the tin and the healthcare professional will remove the placenta with their hand via the vagina. Bleeding does not cease until the placenta is removed therefore this is necessary to achieve haemostasis and prevent haemorrage. If the labour is not augmented you can choose an active or physiological third stage, as the body has started labour naturally a physiological third stage is the natural end to a natural labour. We use another oxytocic drug during active third stage, this is a personal choice and not deemed necessary unless there is signs of haemorrage or the placenta is taking longer than it should to expel (if it takes too long the cervix will begin to close). Previous obstetric risk factors to take into account would be previous haemorrage (estimated blood loss of 500ml or more in previous deliveries, previous retained placenta and blood conditions or intake of medication that will most likely result in a higher blood loss).
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