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October 25th, 2013, 01:35 PM
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Truthfully, as a mom who takes less time to bake's good...but has it's downfalls. Now all of my babies are classified as "early" even though two were within "term" limits. I do feel that docs already have a slight questioning attitude toward women who birth babies early by nature and I think this might make that even worse. I have been asked "Why did this baby come early?" As though I went out and smoked crack to get the baby to come. My term babies were healthy, large, and labor started spontaneously. My other was also large and spontaneous, but did need a kick-start with breathing (but, he was officially before term at 36 weeks). I always say that it doesn't really matter what day we are due, the baby is coming when they want to. I wish it would stop being a big deal.

I do hope it doesn't put a rush on 41-42 week inductions because of the newer classification of them as "late term." And I also hope the CYA policy doesn't prevent a doc from inducing a questionable case at 38 weeks if it *might* be needed.

I do think it's going to help the unnecessary inductions at 37-38 weeks. But the whole thing about my natural inclination to deliver early (mine have all come before 38 weeks), makes it seem as though I am doing something "wrong" by not making it to "full term."
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