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October 25th, 2013, 07:38 PM
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The first psychologist we saw said this to me. He said just because the symptom is not listed on the prescription bottle doesn't mean you wouldn't have it. We have tried to medications with my 10 year old. The current medication we are on is Concerta 54 mg. He's been taking it for over a year and honestly I'm not impressed. His doctor said she recommend we try it for 6 months, and so we did. Then after 6 months we said it really doesn't seem to be benefiting him. His anxiety is crazy and as a result we are on an anti-anxiety med. He has the same symptoms you are talking about. I keep wanting to stop the meds, but now that we are back in school I feel we can't. She would want him to be off the meds for a month before she would try something else. The best advice as if i should be giving advice is write things down. We have been on this medicine so long I really forget what my son was like before. It feels like the ADHD wasn't that big of a deal because now he seems even more out of control. The teacher's complain if he's not paying attention and now they are complaining because he has so much anxiety. It definitely is not a medicine for everyone.
Good luck.
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