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Hello all! My name is Kelli and I figured I might as well dive right into this group, if you'll have me

I have a newly 3 year old son named Eli, an angel daughter in heaven named Finley, and almost 1 year old little boy named Jude.

I am at that point where my HEART wants another baby now, but my head knows better. My three pregnancies were back to back to back (3 full pregnancies in less than 3 years!) and did quite a toll on my body, so a goal while I wait is to get as healthy as possible and lose a bit of weight so that my body is ready to carry another little one as safely as possible. Ideally I'd like to get pregnant next summer... so here I am til then!

I look forward to getting to know you girls!

eli grey [9.15.10]
jude lawrence [11.9.12]
forever loving our best girl, finley [born still 10.30.11]
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