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October 26th, 2013, 05:27 PM
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It's possible to have ovulated early which is why the calendar method is not a reliable form of birth control. You can ovulate at different times each cycle. The cycle I got pg with ds2 I ovulated 5 days earlier then my normal early day. Other things like stress and illness can delay ovulation so when you think your past o you aren't. It's also why if using FAM to Void you need good software (not ff) and should chart cm (tells you if your likely fertile or not) and temps to confirm o has occurred.

With that said yes it's possible to conceive only days after the end of your period. It's also possible to get pg when on your period. Blood is considered fertile since it can mask true fertile CM.

It's also possible (though unlikely with early u/s's like yours) that the dating us is wrong. It's more likely with second trimester ultrasounds to be off then the early first trimester ultrasounds.
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