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October 26th, 2013, 08:28 PM
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Hey Ladies...
So, I'm in my tww... I spent a year trying to get pregnant and not becoming so... So about 3/4 of the way through that year I discovered that I wasn't ovulating (charting and watching cm et cetera) but... of course you have to hit that year mark before anyone cares... :-/ Anyways, I went in and did all the tests along with DH... Everything was fine got an HSG done I think two months...? ago... and then as I was on day 9 already of that cycle, I couldn't start my round of clomid until next cycle... so... I waiting and low and behold I ovulated on day 17! What?! but.. alas... no BFP... :-( So I asked the doc whether or not she thought I should go ahead and take the clomid anyways just in case and she said I should... so I took my clomid... did the BD'in the day before and the day of ovulation... DH is only home on the weekends, because he travels for work... makes it pretty inconvenient... but he happened to be home those two days... so I'm now on day 6 of the 2WW and yesterday morning my temp drastically dropped from a 97.9 to 97.5... and this morning.. it did something very strange... I wake up to go pee several times in the early morning... and I temp every time... just in case the next time I'm not asleep long enough... normally it's about 4 or 430 and then again at 7... usually they are the same... This morning I woke up more than usual... my first temp was back up to 97.9 and then the next one was 97.8 then 97.7 and then I went back to sleep for another hour (an hour later than I usually temp) and it was 98.... WTH?? I have no idea.. and I was all stressed out the day before.... because it dropped... actually it dropped two days.. the day before that I woke up with 98.2... which is the highest one I've ever gotten... but then I was sick and feverish all day... so I have discarded that time because, honestly, I thought I was sick... so I have one or two depending on if that one counted drops consecutively and then loopy temps today... so I have no idea what they mean and if they are good signs or not... my first few days after ov I had super major gas like I've never had... I was very thirsty and crampy... I still am crampy... and having watery CM but the cramps aren't as constant throughout the day but they are consistant.... IDK every other month I'm like this is it... these are my symptoms... and I am for sure pregnant.... I was really feeling this was my month... but the last couple of days I've been having some depression... and not feeling as confident.... So.. words of encouragement.... stories of quick pregnancies on clomid.... ideas on my stupid temps... advice on how to post charts... et cetera.... I've been doing this alone... for a long time... and it would just be nice to have people to talk to that are going through what I am... that aren't going to tell me to just relax or it will happen as soon as I stop trying or.... any of that crap that people who don't understand say.....
Guh, thanks for listening.... I am glad I'm no longer alone... so thanks...
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