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October 27th, 2013, 04:19 AM
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19 weeks

So I had my first hormonal moment at work this week I was out doing an inspection on Friday and part of this involves interviewing / speaking with patients about their experiences and the care they've received from their GP practice (primary care doctor). I wound up speaking to one woman who had her two month old daughter with her, she was telling me how she'd moved practices as her original practice hadnt been very supportive with her & her OH's struggle to get pregnant and basically wrote them off. She said that since moving to the new practice, they'd had much more support. They ended up going private for IVF and got their baby girl! I got so emotional and very close to tears! I explained (even though was very unprofessional of me!) that I was pregnant with our IUI baby so I sympathised with how important that support had been and how happy I was for her.

It made me realise that even though we're pregnant now, i'll always have that with me. Even DF said (after I was telling him about this friday evening) that it annoys him when people just assume that we'll be having more kids after this one and he feels like saying 'you have no idea how hard we tried for this ONE! and its so special and your already on about others'. He's so right, people are already on about others and its frustraing - we just want to enjoy this pregnancy and value it.

I still find myself getting annoyed with other pregnant ladies who moan about 'how awful' or 'how unsexy' pregnancy is, they have no idea how much some people would give to feel sick, uncomfortable etc etc. I am so very grateful and feel honoured that we were blessed with this pregnancy.

Anyway, sorry about that! I just needed to get it out as its been on my mind since friday.

In other general boy is growing nicely and I'm still feeling some movement although really low down. At my gender scan they said my placenta was anterior so I likley wouldnt feel anything else for a while. Sometimes I can even tell where baby is laying - he seems to like hanging out on my left side really low and my belly feels really hard and sore when he's there. I tested it out with my doppler and he was exactly where I thought

I'm still vomiting most days and feeling nauseous, however I do seem to have gotten some of my energy back this last week. Which is good given our wedding is now less than 2 weeks away!

I did have to go to the doctor yesterday though, I think I have a UTI or the beginnings of one. They dip tested my pee and although was slightly abnormal, not showing a full blown UTI but they gave me some antibiotics anyway as they like to catch these thigs early in pregnancy if they can. So I'm on those for the next week- four times a day (if I can remember to take them )

Oh yes...pregnancy brain...its set in full force, I'm soooo forgetful these days! Forgetting the words I want or what I was about to do. Very frustrating but i'm just about managing at work!

What else, erm peeing when I sneeze. Not a great new symptom,kinda hoping it will improve with the antibiotics for the UTI. If not, eurgh no fun! Maybe something pregnancy related I REALLY wasnt expecting!

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