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October 27th, 2013, 08:23 AM
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ughhh, so this morning I put my temp in (granted, an hour late and after really bad sleep and we also had some drinks last night), and as soon as I did, my CH disappeared. They did have them on Wednesday (cd12?), which i thought was early but i did have a little EWCM, some light spotting (i thought maybe O spotting??) and strong sex drive, but NO O cramps, which I usually get. Now this morning I have strong O cramps, and last night/yesterday I had a lot of CM but I didnt check if it was EWCM. CD 16 seems late to O! It shouldnt be this stressful! we certainly DTD enough and will do it again later today but I cant again till wednesday. so hopefully its enough!

7/12/13 @6w
1/22/16 @5w4d
3/27/16 @5w

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