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October 28th, 2013, 04:07 PM
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Have a crock pot of elk stew going, it's raining out and suppose to snow up to 7" tonight. After pumping and dumping for another two weeks while I eliminated some things from my diet, and had baby on a hypoallergenic formula - we reintroduced breast milk again this weekend. After 24 hours of only a couple of ounces of breast milk per feeding she starting showing signs of an allergy again. So back on 100% formula again. I've tried so hard, pumping and dumping when I was in the hospital and on meds after my infection, I can't believe it really might not work. Her pedi is submitting the paperwork today to see if the insurance will help cover some of the cost of this formula since it looks like she has to be one it. The pedi also doesn't want us to keep trying the breast milk, says we are risking her developing a life long allergy if we keep (whatever it is) in her system. Baby girls refux was also bad this weekend, she had to be held upright constantly (I ended up just wearing her in the Ergo). She seems way better today with the reflux thankfully, only one spit up and less gagging/chocking/wheezing/rasping.

Also, anyone else with little girls have them projectile pee? Dang! I thought only boys did this!

On an upside I had my first glass of champagne, yuuuuuuuummy
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