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October 28th, 2013, 05:57 PM
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1 year, 2 months & 19 days old

We had a pretty relaxing weekend, which was a nice change of pace. We've been so busy this month of October. On Saturday, I did a lot of cleaning, and then we had Saturday horror movie night (in honor of Halloween coming up). Of all nights, Jack decided to wake up every 30 minutes after putting him in his crib, so I decided just to call it a night at 9:00 and went upstairs with him. He slept much better after that.

On Sunday, I did a lot of laundry, made dinner, carved pumpkins, and made some Halloween cut-out cookies. So I guess there wasn't really any relaxing this weekend, but at least we were home and being productive.

Jack is cracking me up more and more each day with his little personality. He's always been full of it, but he's just really blossoming lately. Some cute little things he does - he will pick up the remote and point it at the TV if DH is watching something like football. He'll also point it at the TV if it's not on and he wants to watch something. He doesn't know what buttons to press, but he knows to point it at the TV. Related to the TV, I leave it on Sprout sometimes all day (on the weekends). I play a ton with Jack on the floor, and he generally ignores the TV. When songs come on, he will dance to them, but he'd rather play with his stuff at this stage. So he'll be playing away, back to the TV, and then someone will say "hi" or "bye." He always stands right up, turns around, and starts waving. It's absolutely adorable that he thinks they are saying "hi" and "bye" to him.

He's never been one to blow kisses. I guess because we don't do it much. I will sometimes try to get him to do it, but I'm not very consistent. Well, every morning, SIL walks him onto the porch to say goodbye to me as I pull the car around. I roll the window down and wave, and he waves back. SIL will tell him to blow me a kiss, and he will run forward with his mouth in an "O" shape (which is how he kisses). It's just about the cutest darn thing ever. And it's the perfect way for me to start my work day.

So for Jack's first year, I would jot things down and add to his baby book or calendar of milestones. What I've been doing since that time (well, since September) is keeping a journal out on the kitchen counter. Since SIL is home with him during the day and William watches him sometimes when I'm doing things around the house, I figured I shouldn't be the only one documenting things. Also, he's doing so much more now, just little things like I wrote above that are so cute. A coworker told me that she keeps a journal out in her house. Anytime the small kids do something for the first time or say something really cute, everyone in the house (she has a couple of older kids and her husband) knows to jot it down in the journal. So even if it's just a sentence at a time, we'll have a record of all the cute things Jack does and says. I'm really hoping we're all good at keeping it up.

That's about it for now because I'm squeezing this entry in before I head out the door from work. And I do not want to cut into my time with little man.

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