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October 28th, 2013, 09:29 PM
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With my first I was clueless. I never read a thing, never even once considered making a birth plan (not sure if I had ever heard the term). I figured why "scare" myself (gotta admit, most birth stories in the mainstream public are terrifying). And that I would do what I needed to do to get the baby out.

The goddesses of birth were smiling on me that day. I had a good midwife on shift and showed up at the hospital with no idea I was in real labor and was 8cm. A few laps around the ward and a few pushes later, I popped out my kid.

Would I recommend that? Not really. It could have gone a really different way. I did write birth plans for my second and third. Did anything in their labor follow it? Yeah, a few things. Was it everything I wrote out that I wanted to happen/not happen? Not even close. In fact, my second and third were far more medicalized than my first. Partially by circumstances. But I don't think my birth plan was really that healthy of an exercise. I think with our fourth I will just wing it again. I know basically what I want and don't want, but there was something about writing out every detail (maybe not every one) that made me still feel like I "failed" despite having a vaginal, med-free, bonded birth (which basically is what i want!) So I think they can have negatives. I do seem to fall into the camp of being more go-with-the-flow. But it depends on what works for a mama and where her comfort level lies.
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