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October 29th, 2013, 03:39 PM
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I think you're a very caring person. While I'm sure it stings that your DIL isn't more receptive to your sympathy, I think that her reticience is understandable and allowed. Throughout my losses, it could be odd which people I felt able to share with, and others I felt I didn't want to. I really don't have any explanation why I felt different ways. It's clear the support she needs right now is for you to treat her like you always have. That can actually be a really important, validating way to show support. It can be hard having people looking at you (even in love) watching to see if you're about to break down, assuming you must be doing terribly, bringing up the loss at times when you just aren't in a mental space to deal with it. But "letting" her be normal and treating her as if she is the same person you've always loved- that can be an amazing, healing gift.

Again, I truly admire your kind heart.
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