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October 29th, 2013, 03:42 PM
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it is in fact a horrible thing to hear from a doctor, specially a "specialist" who is supposed to understand your issue and be able to have some simpathy, although what "wesheets" says is totally correct, there is certaintly no need to speak to a patient that way, there are better ways.

i cannot compare my situation with yours, since i'm only 25 and you are bit older than me, but we have almost the same situation. i was a little overweight when my husband and i ttc for the past 7 years. for the past year i decided to seek medical help since i would not get pg on my own (considering i already have a son, who is 8 now), so last year 2012 i was started on Clomid 50mg for 6 months straight and all i gained was weight. i decided to stop for the last 6 months of the year to rest of all the treatment. my DH and i decided to try again this year and went with a specialist here in Texas, he dx right away with PCOS, reason why i couldn't get pregnant no matter how hard i tried and how much treatment i took. he started me on Metformin 100mg daily and did blood work, he then started me on Clomid 50mg for 2 months to see if i O'd, no luck, i did another 2 months of 100mg of clomid and nothing. at this point i was already weighing 250lbs, i wanted to quit so bad because no matter what i did i couldnt loose the weight while TTC, I've never been the type to over eat, my problem is that i dont eat when i'm supposed to, sometimes i skip meals because of work (which is really no excuse) and my OB wanted me to be eating 6 times a day, i thought he was nuts but oh well. end of story i did a last round of 150mg of clomid on August just when i had started my aerobics class and then in september i found out i was pregnant. i had my 1st u/s on the 16th of this month to confirm it was twins and today 29th i saw them both and their heartbeats.

my point is, there is hope, but we cannot leave all in the hands of the physicians or of God, we have to do our part, i was able to lose close to 10 lbs when i started my aerobics class and i think that really gave me the extra push x2! i can no longer do the class since my pregnancy is high risk but i'm eating healthy and walking everyday, i'm no longer in metformin either because i no longer need it. every story is different yes, but when God blesses you, the feeling and joy is the same for every mom, have faith, dont get discouraged and TRY!!

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