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October 29th, 2013, 06:17 PM
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I have irregular cycles. like 35-45 ish days. well im 6 days past that today and 45 is the longest its ever been really. I always get lightly sore boobs, moderate back ache, and MAYBE one or two headaches before my period. I got my period on the 22nd of september for 4 days, and supposedly ovulated on the 8th of october, according to pink pad.. Had sex on the 4th and 12th of october. Its the 28th and i was supposed to get my period on the 22nd.

I have had really sore boobs, mostly nipples at first but now its the whole boob too. bloating. backaches , bad ones, often. Almost 24/7 but if i bend over for more than a few seconds or just randomly, ill get it for a few hours and happens really often. And waves of nausea a few times a day at least and most of the time around mealtime, i only want ramon noodles, hot cheetos, cheeseburgers from mcdonalds, and fried pickles so far. and sour patch kids. and iv noticed white bits floating in my urine. Iv had milky creamy cm and a lot of it. Headaches are so often now iv had them for over a week, moderate to severe ones everyday a few times a day, if it doesnt last ALL day, Iv been crazy tired but not enough to make me pass out at 9 or 10 even though i could. I have already taken 4 test. I took one a week and a half ago, negative. then another a few days later, looks like an evap but its a really strong blue. and same the next day. all first morning urine. Then today, i got a negative but it was around 5 in the day. Im not sure how far i would be but only around 3-5 weeks a presume. do i sound pregnant? or just pms? Iv never been this late before. Im hoping for a bfp! Im going for a blood test soon but id like to know some input first .
Oh and i had some brown spotting in my underwear over a week ago, and the next day what looked like ewcm with a brown streak in it, only when i wiped. and i few days ago i had some very pink spotting not a lot, and it only happened for maybe 5 minutes i guess.

Oh and cramping! very light light cramping occasionally since a few days before AF was supposed to show,
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