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October 30th, 2013, 08:45 AM
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Couple of Random thoughts this morning for you all and a few questions.

We heat our house with wood and it's my job to keep the fire going 24/7 so the house doesn't get cold. I was pleasantly surprised last night when DH stocked the woodstove for the night because I was struggling with the large heavy logs. Of course, he didn't help me with the 3 heavy baskets of laundry I had to haul up 2 flights of stairs. But, baby steps. Mornings are getting tougher for me taking care of our poultry. Bending over to scoop feed out, lifting coop and feed doors, etc is getting tougher and I'm only half way there - the easy half. I'm worried about the next 20 weeks in sub-zero temps, 2 ft of snow, with 20+ extra lbs on me. I'm grateful our farming is done for the winter.

I'm finding that I need to sit down more, that my abdomen is tired and achy and my stomach muscles spasm several times a day now from fatigue. I'm worried that when I get really big I will be in constant discomfort.

What are you all doing about manual labor? I have so much lifting (not very heavy) and bending for my chores, I'm worried that I'm straining my muscles just in the constant action. My back aches from hours of standing.

What about weight gain? I haven't really gained anything; maybe 1 or 2 lbs and now I'm worried about low birth weight or worse.

How is your general fatigue? I'm utterly exhausted. At the end of the day, my arms shake when I try to lift pots and pans when doing dishes. I go to bed and my legs and feet ache. I wake exhausted and fall asleep easily at my desk during work. Thank goodness my boss finally cut my hours to 5 hours a day.

Anyone else getting Bloody Noses? We have a dry house because of the wood heat and run a humidifier. Yesterday I had a bloody nose last almost all day.

I guess I was fooling myself regarding pregnancy at this age. I thought, hey, if Abigail Adams could do it all by herself in the year 1810, I could do it now. But I was wrong. I'm struggling and the worst is yet to come, but I'm afraid to ask for help from DH. He ridicules me for being weak and paranoid that manual labor will hurt the baby.

Am I being too much of a pansy?
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