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October 30th, 2013, 11:51 AM
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Some of you are interested in the ramzi method so I decided to show the ramzi pics and how the gender is predicted as well as my own ultrasounds from my last two pgs. Ramzi is only a theory, it does seem to have a good accuracy rate but I still see it as just for fun. The rules for ramzi: needs to be between 6-8 weeks, ramzi does not work for twin pg's, I also found it inaccurate for IVF pg's.

This is from the website that explains how the ramzi method is done. As you can see the baby is on the left of the pic and he has it marked where the blood flow is also on the left side of the pic (right side of uterus) This baby was predicted a boy and proven boy a birth.

This is from the same website and the baby is on the right of the pic and the blood flow is marked on the right side of the pic (left of uterus) this baby was predicted girl and proven girl at birth.

These are my ultrasounds from my last two pgs. Top is my ds at 6.0 weeks, he is on the bottom and more to the left of the pic. Bottom pic is my dd at 6.4 weeks and she at the top and more to the right of the pic.

Now this one might be a bit harder as the baby seems to be more to the right but what you are looking for is the thicker white area which you can see this baby is in a sac which is connected to the left of the pic which is where the thicker white area also is. This would be predicted a boy. This is my ds at 8 weeks.

Last one. Baby is at the top again and more to the right of the pic, 8 weeks and ramzi predicted girl. This is my dd.

I hope these helped a little.

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