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October 30th, 2013, 02:12 PM
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1 year, 2 months & 3 weeks old

I have been so slammed at work for the past month. I've also been trying to squeeze in as much fun family activity into the weekends as possible. So I have been so exhausted lately. I just got news yesterday that we won't be pursuing a project that would have had a mid-November deadline. I am so relieved. I have a couple of things in December, one in January, and a lot of stuff in the late winter/spring, but maybe I can relax just a little bit for a while. Something else always seems to come up, but a girl can dream.

I'm excited to dress up Jack for Halloween. He's going to be a lumberjack - red/black plaid flannel shirt, suspenders, jeans, worker boots, trapper hat, and an ax. I've not figured out the beard yet, because he won't keep anything on his face (and I know that hat will go flying in two seconds flat). He also has very sensitive skin, so I don't really want to use any paint (even non-toxic or homemade ones). I might just rub some of my facial clay on his face (which is really just like dirt before mixing it with water) and see if that looks okay. It will probably just look like dirt, but it's worth a shot. Otherwise, he will be a very clean-cut lumberjack.

On a whim, I decided to give Jack a spoon to eat some Cheerios in a bowl with milk. I figured he would dump it on the floor promptly. However, he actually gripped the spoon and really started trying. He's eaten his cereal this way a few times now, and still no major messes. Last night, I gave him a toddler fork when he was eating dinner. I put it in his hand and then helped him to fork a couple of times and bring up to his mouth. Then I let him have at it. He took the fork, jabbed three pieces of food in a row, and shoved them all in his mouth.

He's a very affectionate child, always has been, and he loves to have someone in the room with him all the time. I have worried about him not being independent enough, but lately I don't really think that's an issue. He's actually quite independent, but he also loves to know that we're there for him. He loves to try new things, but he wants us to share in that excitement. He's never liked us feeding him; he wants to do it himself. However, he doesn't want to eat unless we're joining him. It's an interesting combination that he exhibits in many ways. If we're in the room, he will play independently for long stretches of time, but he still wants us to be in the room. I think what it boils down to is that he doesn't want to miss out on anything. He wants to be included in the action. He likes for everyone in the household to be together because if someone leaves the room, he's worried that he's missing out on what they're doing.

So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he enjoys feeding himself so much. I think it's just the beginning of him wanting to emulate adults and feel included.

With that in mind, I've also decided to start planting the seeds for potty training. Jack's diapers have been less and less wet first thing in the morning. It's the second diaper of the day that gets soaked. So he's getting to the point where he holds it in more overnight. He is also quite regular when it comes to #2. He typically goes to the corner, squats, and poops within 30-60 minutes of waking up in the morning. That's usually his only poop of the day, but he does sometimes go a second time in the afternoon. If he does go a second time, it's the same MO - squatting in the corner. Afterwards, we'll ask if he pooped. He will lift his shirt and tug on the back of his pants/diaper.

I know that we're still probably quite a ways from really potty training, but I would love to lay the foundation. He loves following his dad or me into the bathroom. He especially loves flushing the toilet. I believe he's really starting to make the connection that we're going to the bathroom in the toilet, like he does in his diaper. I suppose it helps that we try to remember to say, "I have to go potty," or something to that effect.

So I bought a toilet trainer and a step stool, as well as a couple of books about using the potty. I figure, at the very least, we can take him into the bathroom when he starts showing his poop cues. I've always heard that when they start wanting to hide while pooping, it's a good time to start the potty training process. That's exactly what he's been doing for the past few weeks, so I'm going to give it a whirl. This should be interesting.

One more thing I'm discovering about Jack's personality is a perfectionist streak. I kind of hoped he would avoid that personality trait of mine, but it seems pretty evident that he has it. The best example is when he can't get something to fit where he wants it to go. He loves to pull the pots/pans out of the kitchen cabinets. He plays around with them and then will try to put them back up. Sometimes he wants to stick a pot on the second shelf, but he can't get it to reach or fit. He will get so frustrated and start crying out, not crying, just whining/complaining really loudly.

I've also noticed perfectionism when he's playing with puzzles or stacking blocks. He has a set of five large wooden blocks that are hollow and open on one side. On two sides, there are holes for wooden shapes/numbers. Two of the sides are flat with designs, and the final side is just plain. I don't let him play with the shapes/numbers because most are a choking hazard right now. I let him go to town with the blocks though. When he's stacking, he will turn each block until the "top" is facing upward. He could easily stack them on the three sides that don't have any opening at all. However, he will turn it in his hands until the actual top side is facing upward, and then he will stack.

It's funny, though, because he's totally not a perfectionist about other things. He doesn't get upset if we've turned a toy off and he can't get it to make a sound. He just moves on or plays with it in a different way. I think it's healthy to an extent to have that perfectionist streak, as long as he always balances it like he is now and doesn't get annoyed every time he can't get something to work or when something doesn't go his way.

As always, I'm just along for the ride and enjoying it all!

Oh, yeah, here's some more pics from last week, when SIL took him to a little regional zoo/park.


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