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October 30th, 2013, 02:39 PM
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I have this weird dull achy pain on my right side. I have had this since I have found out I was pregnant.

Sometimes its sharp, sometimes its dull. It feels like right under my hip, pelvic area.

Why I am concerned is because I have had an ectopic before. Now with my ectopic I didn't have pain my HCG numbers were all just wacky and they saw a small sac in the tube. So I got the MTX shot.

I have told my OBGYN and he knows my history. That's why we did 4 HCG draws and he is getting me in for an early ultrasound. Next week, Nov 6th.

I guess it could be round ligament pain? Cyst? Anyone else get this?

Im just freaked out I am going to like rupture before my ultrasound next week if its ectopic.

I work all night tonight and I really hope my OB is on call so I can talk to him at work.

Just looking for reassurance I guess.

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