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October 30th, 2013, 06:58 PM
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Not much has changed lol. (except the amount of crap accumulating in my room! Yikes haha)

This is how I spend my days. This baby is so much harder than my 1st. I'm thinking he may have some colic or reflux issues but I'm not exactly sure what to look for. He just cries and cries all the time. If he is awake, he is usually crying. So opposite from DS1 who would just lay and look around. He spits up a lot and seems to be gassy but I really don't remember if it's more than normal or not? We have our 1 month checkup next week so i'll discuss it with his pedi. He is happiest when he is being held and bounced or walked around. I have 2 carriers and a wrap so this will be my life for awhile I'm guessing! It is definitely a challenge with a 3 year old to chase around too.

Any input or advice is welcome!! Someone suggestion watching the Happiest Baby on the Block..? (I think that's what they said its called)
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