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October 31st, 2013, 06:08 AM
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I think most babies just really like to be held and close to mommy. I think it would freak me out too if I spent 9 months squished up inside, warm and snuggly and listening to wooshes and a heart beat and then was suddenly thrust into a way too wide open cold world with too many lights and noises and expected to lay on a hard mattress alone.

My first DS wouldn't tolerate being put down either. He also spit up all the time but didn't have reflux, or if he did he had the painless kind, he was just a spitty baby. Henry is a little more lax and will go about 10-20 minutes alone and awake in his bouncer or lying on a blanket before he starts to cry, and I know he isn't hungry or wet or in pain, he just wants to be held. It's frustrating sometimes when I'm trying to get stuff done but I just try and remember it will pass.
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