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October 31st, 2013, 06:31 AM
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Hello... Lurking from Nov DDC... Congratulations on your little bundle. Sounds a lot like when I had DS. All he did was cry, when he was awake. I noticed the same thing and found him spitting up even an hour or two after eating. People thought I was being paranoid as a first time mom when I said " I think he has acid reflux" but low and behold he had a very severe case and was put on a liquid medication until about 9 months. Doc said that sometimes the flap over the esophogus doesn't fully develop until around the age of one. So I slowly weaned him off at 9 months.

I would definitely talk to the doc and see what they recommend because after he was on the medication he was a totally different kid... always happy and smiling and only cried when he was hungry or pooping! lol

Hope this helps!

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