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October 31st, 2013, 12:43 PM
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Dtap is the tetenis/pertussis vaccine right? I had it when I was preg with Ryan, got it back in 09. Ry was born in 10 and luke was born in 11, I never bothered to get it while preg with Luke. I dont think I will with this one either. I may change my mind, but I dont really care to get shots while pregnant. I have always been torn about the whole getting your children vaccines thing, due to the links between vaccines and certain syndromes/disabilities. I have always gotten my kids vaccinated but I worry everytime. Fortunately I am not sensitive to any vaccines and thankfully my kids have never had any sensitivities to them either. I want to do the right thing and protect my kids by getting them vaccinated, but sometimes I do doubt vaccines... Sorry a little off topic.

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