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November 1st, 2013, 05:38 AM
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i am NOT ttc by any means however i do have some questions and i would REALLY appreciate help!!!

my cycle seems to have become more ''normal'' then ever before this year
july, 26th august 28th and september 26th i got my period

my husband and i had unprotected sex a few times the first week of october
and me never really having any need to chart my cycles i decided to try a few
just to see according to EVERY chart my most fertile time was october 8th-12th
and my expected period was october 26th however AF didnt come and still isnt here
just to settle my nerves, even though i kind of know its to soon, ive taken 5 hpts ALL
negative using fmu and night time as well this past week i have had some slight symptoms
bloating, lower stomach pains sore breasts (much like i get the day before AF) so ive just been assuming it would come everyday ..i dont know what to make of this? i dont know if im just testing to soon or if im just not pregnant and this is all just a waste of time, we will be over the moon if we are but like i said were not ttc so if AF does come, we wont be worrying next month any ideas? thank you in advance!!
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