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November 1st, 2013, 06:29 AM
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Yup. We have FMLA in the States (Family Medical Leave Act) for both moms and dads. If your employer has over 50 employees AND you have worked 1,250 hours during a 12 month period AND you have been at your job for 1 year or more, your job is protected. They must hold your job for 12 weeks. You don't get paid unless your State allows Short Term Disability and you pay into it.

However, not everyone in the States works at a place with 50 employees. So we are left to dealing with company policies or in my case, just talking to your bosses and working something out. Some companies offer a 12 week "personal leave" where you can "ask" for time off and be granted it and your job is protected if you don't qualify for FMLA. But again, every company is different.

In my case where I only work in a law firm with 35 employees, my last day going into the office is November 22. But I will continue to work at home until Lucas is born. Then I get 2 full weeks off (paid). Then have to work at home for 2 weeks (paid), then work part time in the office (paid). Then return once Lucas is 6 weeks old and starts day care. It was important to me to not lose any money because we have a lot of bills and no savings, so this works out the best for my family and my employer.
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