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November 1st, 2013, 09:42 AM
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First of all...Hello to all of you new mommies from a Newbie!

(Forgive me if this post is all over the place...I'm just typing the thoughts that have been running through my mind these last few days.)

I just found out about 3 days ago that I am preggo. My BF and I have only known each other for 5 months and were just getting around to expressing to each other how our feelings were getting deeper for each other. I was on BC before, but ended up having to stop it because it was causing other health issues. We could have gone back to using condoms, but at that point its like going backward.

He is excited and has assured me that he's ready for this and will still be with me and be as supportive as he can. I actually think he's more excited than I am and this is both of our first child. I guess I'm concerned about everyone else's judgements......

My family hasn't met my bf yet. My mother is EXTREMELY religious and is definitely against having children out of wedlock. I was preggo before...years ago and she told me she hoped I had a miscarriage and then completely cut me off. I was 19 then. I ended up having an abortion after which she and I repaired our relationship.

Lately she has been pressing me to find a man and get married because she wants grandkids. I'm thinking maybe now that I'm older and she wants grandchildren so bad, maybe she won't be so mean.

People are usually happy to hear baby news. But I feel like when I make this announcement at Christmas it will be more like "Hey everyone, I'm 3 moths pregnant....and the way...this is my BF who I've only known for 7 months...he's the father." see/hear so many horror stories about how somewhere in between peeing on a stick and pushing the baby out, the parents-to-be have broken up and hate each other.

I myself, wanted to be married before I had children....unfortunately it didn't happen that way. I guess I'm just annoyed that with this relationship it happened too soon. I'm sure my mother is gonna be like "So when are you gonna marry her" *face palm*

If you guys have advice, I'll take it. If not, that's fine too. But thanks for taking the time to read my brain It helps to vent sometimes.
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