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November 1st, 2013, 10:53 AM
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Ugh that's horrible Moxie! I hope you can keep your stress levels down.

Today what bugged me: a coworker that is 4 months preggo keeps giving suggestions but some of them are rude! I had gone to complain about how I got an automatic call from my health care system for weight management classes and how even the lady on the phone said I should not have been referred while pregnant. My coworker said maybe I should go because I look like I could be at risk for gestational diabetes. Then today I am drinking a powerade because I haven't kept anything down. She asked if I should be drinking that with how much sugar it has. I told her my doctor told me to drink powerade when I've been puking. I explained how I have zero blood sugar issues and need to try replenish my body. I normally like her but right now I feel like she is being so judge mental because she is skinny and doesn't get m/s.
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