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November 1st, 2013, 11:33 AM
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Thats ok. She needs boundaries right now. Boundaries protect us and she needs to feel like she has control in her life when everything else is out of control.

We didnt talk to our inlaws for months following Ree's death because they just had terrible boundaries. We finally shut them out because it was all about them.

This isn't a time to be offended by anything she does. It's not about you I sense a lot of frustration and anger at her behavior and I would really encourage you to remember that she is doing the best she can following the loss of a child.

You have no idea how you would react until you've been there. Everybody says that they would just go crazy if this happened to them. Well it's happening to her right now. There's no way to possibly judge or evaluate how somebody would respond a situation like this
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