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November 1st, 2013, 01:46 PM
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ok i suppose i'll start with the bad news first, to get it out of the way.

i went to my appointment yesterday and i told them i wanted to get the implant well, the nurse told me "ok, how about you come in next week and we will get that taken care of". i was so happy because by this time i'm feeling back to normal and not exactly willing to wait much longer for some fun with eric. all was well and good until i went to the desk to schedule my appointment. "i'm going to have to put you on a waiting list for the nexplanon because we have to order it" which i figured and she told the nurse that saw me that it would be about a week. so i was like "ok that's fine". "there's nothing available until december 3rd" she told me. WHAT???? well clearly i had to take it because i need birth control but i am SO mad!! we went from "let's take care of it next week" to "oh, you have to wait until december". and of course they told me i shouldn't have sex until it's been put in! this is NOT going to be a very good month for me!

today, eric called child support because he was supposed to get his license back and they told him that back in july there was 1 payment that they didn't receive. how??? i don't know! because i know for a fact that he has been getting it taken out of his checks for the past 7 months consistently. so now he either has to wait until january, pay $500, or if he can get the owner to send a letter saying he's been paying it, they MIGHT give him his license back.

on top of that, our water bill was $139 this past month. it should be around $60 for where we live and the size of our family. even the lady at the office told us that. so now we have to have them come and check to make sure there isn't a leak because we had an issue with the toilet which was recently fixed...ughh.

GOOD NEWS...finally

eric got a call from one of the district managers for the company we worked for in maryland before we moved down. he asked if we moved back yet because he wanted to put eric in one of the stores. eric told him we weren't living there but we want to move back next summer, and the dm told him to keep his number and he will definitely make sure he gets a store when we move back. RELEIF!!! i also get to go back to work on the 5th, finally!! i'll be so happy to be back making money again and getting out of the house!

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