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November 1st, 2013, 02:27 PM
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Ok honestly if you're going to start getting snappy and be ****** especially to people who have had their own losses I really have nothing else left to say to you and I can see exactly what she's pushing you away. Exactly why. This is overbearing, selfish, you're making it about you, and are now snapping at people that are just trying to give you simple help. I wouldn't want to have a thing to do with you either. Quite frankly just shut your mouth and stop posting and read some actual responses and emotions of people on this board. Stop talking and start listening.

Only edited to change spelling. I stand by my words. You're also dumping on all of US you know with this behavior. We're all in the same boat as your DIL yet its ok to be rude to us. Gotcha.
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