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November 1st, 2013, 05:24 PM
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What size bed to you have in your master? Cal King

Do you and DH usually go to bed at the same time? Rarely (DH works nights and gets home very late so I'm usually in bed. Especially being pg I'm really in bed early).

How many pets/people sleep in your bed?
Depends on the night. Mostly it's just DH and I. Some nights one of the cats sleeps at his feet. Once in awhile DD has night terrors and I put her in bed with me, and now that she's so big DH will usually leave her there and go sleep in her bed. When she was younger he'd pick her up and move her.

What do you wear to bed? Usually a long shirt, but during the warmer summer months usually nothing.

How many pillows do you use? I use 2 to prop myself up for reading. Then when I'm ready to sleep 1 under my head, and 1 between my knees.

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