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November 1st, 2013, 05:46 PM
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my boyfriend and i are 17 and 19 (okay, i just turned 18, but the announcement was made when i was 17). we had been talking about marriage when i unexpectedly got pregnant. we put those plans on the back burner to focus on saving for our child and people still (even his friends) look at my left hand, ringless, with confusion and ask him why it's still bare. "i mean, you guys are having a kid, you're in love, why not get married?" it's so much more complicated than people think.

when i told my mother, she actually told me i was not allowed to get an abortion, and if i did, she'd kick me out. so it's very hard for me to imagine your mother forcing one upon you.

it sounds like you have the support of your boyfriend. you should probably introduce him to your family before your big announcement so it isn't something like "i'm pregnant by this guy who you can't pick out of a line up to save your life!" at least they'll be a little familiar with him.

as far as judgment goes, i wouldn't worry too much about it. i know that's hard to do, but soon you'll have other things on your mind, and other peoples' opinions won't even matter. i thought the looks and comments about being a teen mother would tear me down, but they haven't. i honestly don't even get upset by them anymore. soon, i promise you, you'll reach that place too.

sorry my response was wacky- i was trying to cover everything you mentioned, but i went out of order.
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