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November 1st, 2013, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by yashobo View Post
I definitely love the USA and prefer it to Australia. Australia is a gorgeous country but, for me, the people lack warmth. It could be because I lived in the suburb of a big city; not sure if rural areas are any better but from what I have heard they are not much better. I live in a small town here (although it's the capital city) and I love it. I hate that there is nothing much to do with kids and we have so few parks but I love having time to spend with my family which living in a city didn't afford me in Australia. In terms of race relations, Australia also still has a huge way to go although I know things are far from perfect here. For example, I could count on my fingers the number of times I saw an Aboriginal and most of the ones I saw were not in good conditions. I think for me it just boils down to the people factor. I am a peoples' person and I could not deal with the coldness (not hostility) of most of the aussies I met. I also felt that their parenting was a bit detached for me and that translated into how childcare centers and schools were run. We were paying $75 per day for dd1's school and they won't even warm her food or any student's food. They had the poor kids eating cold food everyday! The 18 months I spent there definitely made me realize that I love love love the US.
I definitely would like to live somewhere where the people are multicultural. I wouldn't want to feel like the odd one out, being mixed. Although, I think I would be okay if they were not racist. I also like to live where the people are friendly and warm.

That's so sad that they wouldn't warm her food... especially at that price per day! That's high!

If I could, I would move to a new place every few years until I found somewhere I just absolutely LOVED and couldn't leave. I am pretty adventurous.

I hope you can find some more parks where you live, now.

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