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November 1st, 2013, 09:24 PM
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My little munchkin had his two week appointment today. Before weighing him, the nurse asked if we wanted to take bets as to whether he was at his birth weight. My boy just laughed at her. Silently. I'm assuming. Because he put on 17 ounces in the past 7 days, putting him at 8lbs 12oz. His birth weight was 7lbs 11oz; his low was 7lbs 6oz.

I also had my appointment. I'm down 25lbs and everything seems ok. We talked birth control, but I'm undecided about which to try. I've known plenty of people who hated depo, but I like the idea of not having to remember to take a pill each day....

And for the vent portion: SO has been busting his arse working for the past several weeks, before and after Logan arrived. He's making good money and the timing is good because my leave will be mostly unpaid. I have money set aside to pay my bills, but he's using my car to work. Anyway, he's finally a few hours away from completing this job. I've barely seen him, he's barely been able to spend time with Logan.

Tonight I get a text asking if he wants me to grab food on the way home. I was nursing so I couldn't respond right away. He's suggesting this place we've never been to, where we know a bunch of people who work and/or patronize there. He ran into some the night before at the bar next door where he was doing some work (he does IT/POS work). Right away I have the thought that he's already there. I respond, but his phone had died (pet peeve; you have my car, I have our child, you'd better be reachable). He strolls in an hour later and immediately admits to having a couple drinks. I could tell. Ok, 1) That's my car and I've made you walk any time you've been drinking since I've been pregnant. It's one thing to risk a DUI w/o a baby, but with? No way. He wasn't near a level I'd worry about safety, but it takes one to fail a breathalyzer. That's thousands plus the impound of my car, the only vehicle. 2) You've barely had any time with us, and instead of grabbing food and heading straight home you hang with friends for an hour? That's a bit hurtful. I understand a drink to celebrate the end of this **** job, but really? I'm attached to Logan ATM, but what? That's to boring? It just felt disrespectful, and I don't know... Not dismissive exactly, but something. If he wants to get out that bad, blow off some steam, ok, but drive home first and freaking walk. At least that would remove the disrespectful aspect, I guess.

Sigh, grrr, men. /rant

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